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Reporte diario de armado de camión 930E-
Cost Effective Remanufacturing
OEM Warranty
Optimum Equipment Availability
Customer Core or Royal Equipment Core
DC To AC Conversion
Latest Factory Upgrades

Complete dismantling, cleaning and inspection

Independent testing performed on major structural components to determine repair work scope

Structural repairs performed to OEM procedures/standards

Final independent testing performed after structural repairs completed

Replacement of all cables, wiring, hoses, pins, bearings

​Components Included:
Main Frame
Axle Box
Front Spindles and Axles
Dog Bone
Nose Cone
Hoist Cylinder

The Royal Logistics team expertly ship our products world wide.  Whether by air, sea, or land...anywhere in the world,

we utilize our vast network of carriers and connections to deliver your equipment in a timely and cost efficient manner. 

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